The tale of a chauvinist….

Hey guys, I am back with another tale of my life. I write things that relate to my life. Being a chauvinist is being a man, the ideal which I believed was true, years back during my stupendous 12 years of school life. Life has taught me how not to be a chauvinist. Women for me was considered an irritable figure until I found out the real beauty of them. Believing in what was there in my preoccupied mind, and going against it was tough. Believing in spending life with a women was again my dream , when I was close to my teenage. It was only after I personally came close to a women that I understood being a chauvinist is my kind and I love being one. Don’t be lured by the beauty of a women, look closely into their hearts and if they are beautiful in their minds be with them and if you find them not so beautiful, be what you are.

Jai Hind!!


The Indian Irony.

A motivation or probably an urge to write on a hot topic as NPA, was definitely our very own Vijay Mallya and our own Nirav Modi. Well, running through their stories have made me shameful enough to have lived in India. Well I am not talking about me being shameful on how they were able to trick the Indian Banking System but I am talking for the poor Vijay Mallyas or the pennyless Nirav modies, our farmers, who were incompetent as they were to pay back their loans. What differs between them is that one group, due to their circumstances were unable and the other group with all the circumstances are unwilling to pay . How should we be treating both the group’s? How have we treated them? This is the point of me being shameful on India. We as citizens of India must be shameful ourselves on the kind of treatment meted out to our farmers. For what has our India progressed. Nirav Modi has to his credit a whopping 11000 crores. Our banks have failed him and people like him to have easily escaped to their safe houses in Europe or America. Were can our farmers go, where do they have their safehouses in? In the middle of their farms? It is quite ironical when our PM, another Modi barks out the policies for developing India. Shame on the government and shame on the defaulters.

Jai Hind.

The Train Love

It is was my first experince witnessing a “true love” in a train. Technically for us Indians, we do have this hysteria, being emanated from generation’s that love must be hidden between the walls of our beds. Well I am actually a proponent to that theme, but all my belief systems were distorted on my train, when I had to witness something that was totally offensive and unethical for my mind. I had to witness the express train being a bridal chamber,the only difference being that it is not decorated!. Well it’s funny, when I say, it is. This is quite something that we all must be thinking of. Whatever or however progressive our thoughts have become more than a majority of us, have that hysteria going through our bloods. We have witnessed incidents occurring out of moral policing. They are totally unconcerned of their surroundings and I could see gawking eyes around. This may seem a normal scenario for our advanced minds, but is it actually necessary? Should we be exposing our culture in such a manner? Well I must say that there are people who may feel that this act was normal, also there people who feel the other way around. India has stayed distinctive and unique in its own way, we possess a different culture and that is why we stay unique. Why is it that we can’t control our emotions atleast in front of the public? An unanswerable query it is! Unless we stop being more and more broader in minds, we may have to witness such acts again in the near future.As I had mentioned in the beginning of my blog, this is a part of me being hysteric, the true part of me, but for the sake of being a 21st centurian let me be the “progressive man”.

Jai Hind.